Sunday, February 13, 2011

Borders Bankruptcy: Sad And Maybe There Is No Road Back

I am writing this post sitting at a table at the Borders store in Pasadena. I love coming here to get work done. And I generally like the music, crowd, and the overall atmosphere.

Which is why I was really saddened by the reports that it would file for Chapter 11 protection last Friday.

I tried to buy books locally here when I can. Personally I love Amazon's prices compared to the retail prices here. Who doesn't?

I bought a technical book, a couple of books for my nephews, and a large latte. I checked the prices online afterwards. I could have saved about $20 if I bought the them online.

That is not the worst part. I am browsing through Orson Scott Card's "The Lost Gate". So far I like it and I am contemplating getting it. And since I don't need it right away, I can buy it from Amazon or Apple's iBooks store.

Buying it from Borders will cost me about $25 after tax because I have the paid membership rewards card. The book is $14.32 on Amazon.

And if I was to decide to buy the ebook version, it's only $11.99. That IS the worst part. Barnes and Noble has its own struggles but they are not as bad as Borders' financial troubles because they have the popular Nook ereader and a loyal following. Borders' own ebook plan is nowhere as popular.

I truly fear for the mom-and-pop stores and, now, Borders as well.

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