Ebooks And Online Sales Killed The Best Way To Discover Books

I know that going to the libraries is the best way for anyone to discover new books.

But with the invasion of superstores like Borders and Barnes and Noble in the 90s, they quickly became a family destination and the go-to place for looking for books to read.

And now, even that these super bookstore companies are in trouble as more users buy books online for the price and convenience and made worse in the last couple of years with the explosion of ebook sales.

I am sitting at one of the upstair windows of the Pasadena Borders store, one of the two hundred slated for closure due to the financial trouble and bankruptcy facing the Borders Group, facing the street on this rainy Saturday. And looking around, i find it ironic because it's so crowded here.

Well, everyone is here for the 10-40% closing sale.

There is a feeling of sadness in the air. The zombie-like faces of the store workers was pretty evident. Still, I have to say that they are working on even when one of them lamanted "this was still a Borders yesterday".

So where do I take my nephews to discover new literature? Well, I have been pushing for my brother to take to the library.

How about you? Are you affected by these closures? Also, are there effective ways for users to discover new books online?

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Location:S Lake Ave,Pasadena,United States


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