Friday, February 11, 2011

HP’s Web OS Touchpad Will Insanely Cost $699

HP’s Touchpad will cost $699 for the 16GB model. This is from a source that whispered this information to Boy Genius Report. But I kind of want to put this out there even though I don’t like posting rumors.

However, I’m making an exception this time and this is how I’m framing it. I hope this is just a feeler that HP is putting out to the blogs just to see how people will react.

When it comes to launch, we may actually see it at a comparable price to the iPad with the same storage capacity. Otherwise, HP’s endeavor in the tablet market will be in for a lot of hurt. More than that, this is just the Wi-Fi model. How much will the 3G model eventually cost?

Now, this is why I think HP could be pulling an Apple. Before the actually iPad launch, Apple leaked to the media that it was going to cost $1000 and as much as $2000. But history told us it was much much lower.

Perhaps, this is where HP is trying to mess with the minds of its competitors. In this case, it isn’t really Apple that it wants to get at but Motorola, Samsung, and RIM. The Xoom is priced at $800 while the Tab is kind of everywhere. And RIM’s Playbook will probably go for around $500 because if it’s smaller size.

So I want to be clear. If this leak did come from HP to GBR, then it’s having the effect they wanted. People are reacting. And we are reacting negatively.

Let me repeat this. HP, $699 is too much. $599 And you might get more than just Web OS and hardcore Palm guys to bite (like me), but not much more. We have other options like Android.

So, I hope you receive this message clearly, HP. Eat some of that margins or it’s gonna get ugly for Web OS quickly. The Web OS is a very excellent OS. From the look of things, better than iOS and Android. But it’s not gonna matter if no one will buy into it.

One more thing. HP is the biggest PC maker in the world. I think they can leverage their position in the market to source the parts they need to be competitive.

More at BGR.

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