Monday, February 21, 2011

iPad As My Newspaper and Novel - Sunday Morning Experience

I went to a Sunday brunch at Souplantation. It was the first relaxing Sunday I've had in months. Left any mean for others to get in touch with me, I decided Sunday morning was fine.

But I needed something to read why I had my breakfast. Instead, of the Sunday papers, I decided to take the iPad. Okay, so it was a device for someone to get in touch with me But it was Sunday morning. I know fees people who wakes up before noon.

How did the iPad work as a replacement for the papers?

Are you playing games. That was what some bratty kid, who sat in the next booth, wanted to know. No I answered. I was reading the newspaper.

I got a weird look and she never bothered me after that.

And I was. I started with The Daily, Rupert Murdoch's new news venture for the iPad. It was okay. I started reading an article from the day before while it downloaded the day's "papers". After a while, it just crashed. I was not able to working after that.

So I moved onto The Project. It was okay in that the app worked better than The Daily. But I was not able to download the latest issue because it would not let me download the latest issue through 3G. So I read over some old stuff.

At that point, I could have moved onto the browser for news but I decided it was time to move into a book. I fired up the Nook app and continued reading the zombie book that I left off of on the iPod touch. Muy impressivo, I though to myself. The app synced and automatically bookmarked my previous spot. Nice.
At that point, I was ready for some more OJ and eggs. Unlike a book or newspaper, I could not just leave my iPad on table. There wasn't all that many people around but I didn't want to tempt fate. So I took it with me.

I read a couple more chapters. It felt really natural. This was not the first time I read a novel on a mobile device. I have been reading on a mobile device since Palm was owned by US Robotics. But the 9.7" screen was a much better read. And it was indoor so there was no issue with glares.

Over all, I am very impressed and happy with the experience.

And if millions of users are just as content as I was using the iPad for reading news and books, publishers, beware. Whether it's Apple, Google, or someone else's subscription plans, the old days are finished. Embrace the future, guys. Innovate.

More and more folks will be continue to read Sunday papers but it won't be on papers. It will be on the iPad and other tablets.

-- Post From My iPad

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