Thursday, February 17, 2011

President’s Meeting With Tech CEOs Will Produce Nothing And Here’s Why

While I’m optimistic about our future in general, that I’m just that type of a kid, I don’t find that anything will come of the meeting between President Obama and the tech giants in Silicon Valley tonight.

Many of these guys are his supporters to start. And while this makes for a nice photo op and probably to solidify his support for 2012, President Obama is even more constraint in what he can do. The coffer in the national treasury is still pretty barren and he now has to contend with Republican majority in the House that are plotting to make sure he doesn’t win re-election in 2012 and a population that showed its impatience with the Democrats in 2010.

But like I said, I’m optimistic. I am, however, keeping one eye on reality. For instance, many firms will like to see a tax holiday for corporations to bring back overseas profit at a much lower tax rate.

As the average mobile warrior who’s got bills to pay and such, I think its probably pretty simple. I think this is likely to find bipartisan support and while much of the cash will go back to shareholders, I think even if 5-10% is reinvested would be positive in the current economic climate.

I’m certain the President will get great advice and ideas on education and innovation (Steve Jobs will be there, who better to ask about that) on tech and green initiatives, the layers upon layers of aides seem to only stymie any genuine effort by the President to keep America as the envy of other nations.

Perhaps, the best option is something that was born in the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Red telephone. It served as a direct link between the Washington and Moscow. Perhaps, Steve Jobs should give the President an iPhone that only works to serve as the direct link between the White House and nest of innovations that is Apple, Google, and other tech companies in California.

Apparently, that Blackberry the President has been carrying around for the last couple of years hasn’t helped.

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