Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sony's tablet - just because Apple is doing it

Sony will come out with its own 10"-ish tablet running Tegra 2, loaded with Playstation Suite, and its own ecosystem.  Also, it'll be based on a customized version of the Honeycomb.  I'm guessing that once it's ready, it'll probably have Sony's own app store instead of Google's

I don't get specs on this thing.  Why not quad-core like the NGP?  I'm expecting a quality device from Sony but still, this will be competing with the NGP which has a beefier number than this Sony tablet.  

It'll be competing with the NGP for sure because it'll add confusion to Sony and PSP fans.  It's like Sony is building this because it has to.  Everyone's doing a tablet, so why not us?

It's $599 price isn't bad though.  Expect this later this year.

More at Android Guys.

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