Saturday, February 12, 2011

Too Much Mobile Still?

I decided to stay in Saturday night because I had a full today out today and I didn't want to exhaust myself.  And I thought I would get some house work done.  But I didn't really get to that.  A bit too much mobile still.  

I got a call from overseas via Skype.  My mistake was answering it.  It was a video chat.  Fine, interesting.  But it turned into a two-hour long conference.  I realized I was still somewhat of linked to my mobile habits despite cutting off my G1 data plan.

See, about six months ago, I got rid of my T-Mobile data plan to cut back on being so connected all the time.  Then I got the iSpot from Clearwire to use with my iOS devices when I needed to.  But with the ubiquity of Wi-Fi at home, that is a bit hard.  

I am contemplating to go one of these weekends without my mobile devices.  I may even go to the extreme of heading to my hometown for a weekend.  Stay in a hotel and leaving my iPad and phone at home.  I'll bring my laptop, which is fine because though it has Wi-Fi, I am unlikely to pay for access.

And to stay in touch with folks, I'm gonna have to make all arrangements ahead of time. You know, like we did before cell phones and e-mails.

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