Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food Inflation Means Smaller Servings - Can it Also Mean Leaner Americans?

Food is getting more expensive. Whether people want to hear about global warming or not, there is no doubt we have been experiencing extreme climates over the last decade that has caused food shortages or, at best, lower yields. And that has led some companies to drive cost down by packing small amount in each packaging.

For the tens of American families who are struggle even in this improving (but very slow pace) economic recovery, as well as millions of children living below the poverty line, food inflation just isn't something that is going to help at all despite the US having the biggest economy in the world. No, given the level of debt, both public and private, we are one of the poorest. Still, Can there be some benefit that might come from this for the general public?

Wasting food in the West is a big issue even as starvation and suffering persists elsewhere. Perhaps The smaller portions will yield some benefits and change our behaviors, particularly in the United States for the good.

We might actually end up being leaner. Better health as a result and less strain on the medical system.

And if smaller packaging is being used, it may also mean less resources committed to food distribution.

I reckon it'll be possible that a public media campaign might be created to convince us of the benefits despite it being more about the bottom-line. At some point, downsizing food portions will yield diminished returns and benefits.

More at MSNBC.

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