Mashable: Things To keep Mobile Gears And Other Belongings Secure

I don't have much in way of any security devices to keep my mobile devices secured.  When I'm out and about, I've got my backpack with me at all times.  Even when I need to go to the restroom or just go to the car for a sec when I'm at a coffee shop or somewhere I'm doing work.  

The point is, never leave your valuables out of your sight.  I've seen folks who leave their stuff to go browse books or even just to grab another cup of coffee.  It makes me nervous when that happens.  I usually take it upon myself to watch their stuff even though no one asked me too.

And on a few occasions, I've been asked to watch their stuff which I'm more than happy to do.  But nice looking couple or a grandfatherly figure, no way I'm asking them to watch my things.  

Take a look at these gadgets.  Some are worth considering.  But note that at any time, a clever determined opportunist can still beat the best security system or gizmo.

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