Mobile Devices With 3D - A Draw?

I know there are going to be a couple of smartphones and tablets with the ability to display 3D without glasses on their screen.  And the biggest draw is that the Nintendo 3DS will also have 3D gaming.  Personally, after some consideration, I find it perplexing that some device makers are pushing them out now.  

HTC for Sprint and LG for T-Mobile.  

I guess what I am saying is that if it's there, I'll use here and there because its a novelty.  But I'm perfectly happy with just plain old 2D 720p video or pictures san 3D.  After all, if I upload them to Shutterfly for printing or to Youtube, there's no way this gimmicky feature is going to translate there.  

And to my knowledge, I don't think the 3D pictures and videos captured on these mobile devices will work on 3D HDTV. 

Plus, we're just at the start of the 3D revolution if you can it that in the living room.  If anything, the 3D screen on the mobile devices will be a bigger draw for gaming than watching videos.


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