Friday, March 4, 2011

Mobile May Be The Way To Fix The DMV and Possibly Other Government Sevices (And Ineffiencies)

I am at the DMV now. And boy, is this going to be a long long wait. And there really is no reason for me to be here that was my own doing. However, that is a story for another time.

But sitting here and looking around, I wondered about government services and why people like myself dread coming here. It takes time between the day you make an appointment and the actually appointment date. And getting to a DMV is just horrible. I had two cars steal my parking spaces!

And yes, I did go to the AAA to see if my business with the DMV could be taken are of there but it was simply something that was beyond their scope of services.

So I wonder, can't more apparatuses like the AAA be be empowered to take the load off the DMV. Maybe the local supermarket can get into it. Perhaps, Walmart as well.

And sure why not? Slap on a fee for this convenience. I don't have an issue with that.

I can totally see a company that can contract with the state or federal government agencies to help provide services to the citizens and still manage to make a profit.

But that is only going to alleviate some of the congestions at the local offices. To really change things, technology needs to be brought into the equation.

And not just new technology but better and efficient use of technology is the key. Since this is a mobile blog, I really like to have many services that now require local visits to offices move into the digital realm.

I look forward to the day when something that needs to get done and I am able to say "nice, there's an app for that".

Today, I was able to help my boss check into his flight with the app provided airline. I mean, just how cool is that!?

Eye exams for the DMV? Why not. Mobile devices have cameras for video conferencing. The DMV with the help of optometrists can create an app for eye exams when license renewals. Other simple issues and tasks can also be relegated to video-to-video contact than requiring drivers to march in drove into the local DMV office like we do now.

And you know, if the DMV wants to charge a bit for this convenience, I think many people will be happy to make use of this service.

And this goes beyond one segment of government services. Healthcare and Medicare, immigration, and Social Security are just a few that quickly comes to mind. I reckon the public services will embrace this eventually but it will be private sectors that will lead the way.

Right now, this is just the pipe dreams of a frustrated citizen sitting in a waiting room at the DMV

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