More People Are Texting And Calling While Driving

I think the government has done a great job educating drivers of all ages about the danger of distractive driving, like using their cell phones or mobile devices.

I think for a while, there was a drop in the number of people driving while "multi-tasking" but I get the feeling things are on the rise again.

Recently, I was in the vehicle a couple of times while the drivers were yapping away. In one instance, I did say something because a police cruiser had pulled up next to us. Regardless, I should have said something right from the start. And I should have said something the other time even when there was no law enforcement presence around.

And let's face it, even with hands-free tech, it's not something a lot of people use as often as they should. It is just too much for some people to deal with. In one of the two times I mentioned above, the Bluetooth connection failed. I mean after all these years, how can BT still fail to connect. It was a link between an Android phone and a Lexus car.

That just blows the mind that companies still can't get that right.

Also, I see more people brazenly drive with one hand at their wheel while the other is attached to their ear. I think this has picked up pace since the new year. I even saw a lady tried to fit her Landcruiser into a tight parking spot while continuing to talk to someone on her phone.

So come on, folks. If you're one of them, you're endanger others around you.


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