Friday, March 18, 2011

Social Media & Japan Disaster; Which Twitter Accounts To Follow

It started with the ability to tell friends when you’re taking a shower, going grocery shopping, or how your day was going. Then Twitter grew up. As did Facebook. When you think of social media on the Internet, it was these two.

Governments feared them. Ask Tehran during the Green revolution when the conservatives stole the election from the voters. And then in Egypt just mere weeks ago when the government of more then decades were toppled by protests passed through the Internet, and specifically, Twitter and Facebook.

And since the 9.0 earthquake that struck Japan, ravaged the eastern coast of northern Japan with a powerful tsunami, and created a nuclear disaster that has already achieved the level of the Three-Mile Island incident in the US.

How did Twitter and Facebook changed things in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan this week? And which Twitter accounts to follow to get the best information on the latest nuclear and humanitarian news from Japan?

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