Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tablet Suggestion For Android Users: Wait For iPad 2 and G-Slate To See If They'll Drive Xoom Prices Down

I almost pulled the trigger yesterday on a Xoom.  At $800, it's a lot of money but I do save and save and figure it's okay to indulge myself.  I do have an iPad but I was planning on giving that to my nephew.  (Point at myself:  Greatest uncle in the world…)


Having said that, the reason I decide it was more prudent to wait is because Apple is going to let loose the iPad 2 (or whatever they're going to call it) tomorrow.  At least that's the idea  And more than that, I'm curious about their prices and how they'll try to complete with Xoom and other Android devices. 


Perhaps, what big or little changes will impact the competitive field and get Motorola to drop the price on the Xoom.  Just look at the Samsung Tab.  That thing has been going down like a rock.  I reckon if the iPad 2 does well, the same could also happen to Xoom.


Also, T-Mobile's G-Slate with its 3D capability is said to cost less than the Xoom.  Well, if that is the case, I might stay with my T-Mobile services.  Plus, it's got 3D.


Bottomline is this.  Competition is great regardless of what the OS platform we support.  Competition from iPad aside, competition among Android makers is just as potent.  I totally see a $100 Xoom price drop if the G-Slate is really $100 cheaper that many rumors on the Internet suggests. 


So, I'll wait a week or two and see how I can maximize purchasing power of my measly savings.

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