Friday, April 1, 2011

Acer Fires CEO - Not Just About iPad, It's About Mobile

Acer fired it's CEO due to weak outlook.  But that was just an excuse.  So why did this happen?  Other CEOs at other tech companies have had to faced weak returns but somehow hang on until brighter days ahead.  Apple folks would have you think it's the iPad gobbling up the netbook market.  

I'm an Apple fan and I can tell that while the iPad has had a large impact on the netbook and low-end laptop market, the iPad was only an episodic event in a greater shift in the mobile society.  

It's also about Android and the smartphone market.  It's also why HP and Dell came out on the attack against Apple in general about the tablet market.  

Mobile computing is changing with each and every single tablet release and OS update.  Consider where we were when Blackberries reigned in enterprise to the release of the iPhone in 2007 and the shift front lines in today's mobile war.  

Only because HP has Palm's Web OS that potentially gives it a small chance to succeed, otherwise, it would be in the same situation as Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and other PC makers that has no answer to the coming tablet onslaught.  And if you believe the idiot Dell exec who thinks the iPad is irrelevant, consider that if you add the iPad sales (yes, they are a computer just in a different form factor) to the Mac sales, it would put Apple over the top as the number PC maker in the world.

Let's take Dell's Andy Lark for what he said.  Yeah, Android has a great chance in beating Apple in enterprise someday.  Windows-based tablets will likely be received well.  However, that is only in take back some share that has been lost in the PC market to the iPad  And let's face it.  

Even if all that he predicted happens, there is no guarantee that Dell will itself will succeed.  The Android-based Streak is sitting on the shelf collecting dust while Samsung's Tab and Motorola's Xoom owns the Android tablet market.  And more pain will come for Dell once other traditional handset makers like HTC and LG has their tablets on the market.  

The main thing is that tech companies like Dell and Lenovo has to recognize the changes in what consumers want and need in the new mobile landscape.  And the iPad's adoption rate shows that those needs are bleeding into enterprise.  Until CEOs of these companies recognize that, coming out with "me,too" devices without understanding what they are for will do nothing to help their sales or keep their jobs.

More at CNBC.

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