Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Android Isn't Open But It Is An Awesome Mobile Platform With Google As Its Master

Apple's openly closed iOS was the punching bag of those who could not wrap their heads around the fact that Apple does what it does because it is Apple.  When push comes to shove on some issue, Apple budged, if only a bit.  And Google's open Android platform?


It's a very curious situation.  Never in my mind was Android considered to be opened.  Not in the way Unix and other open-source projects are as far as I understand it.  I think at best, I would call Android "open-ish" with a bunch asterisks.  Unlike other projects that does not have a master, Android does.  And Google owes it. 


When Google can take it away or play favorites with it, use it as a weapon against one of its own, how is that open?


Regardless of the semantics, Android is a powerful mobile platform for Google and Google only from now on.  For those willing to follow the guidelines set forth from Mountain View, you should do well.  Those on the outside, well, just ask those outside Apple's walled iOS garden.  It's pretty much the same feeling.


You're either loved or you find a backdoor in.    

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