Sunday, April 17, 2011

Customer Service To Suffer For T-Mobile Subscribers After AT&T Takeover

One of the reasons I don't like AT&T is its customer service. It's awful.  I'm sure the people who work there are good people but they are not well trained with the relevant information - at least not enough to help with issues that are not routine.  After hearing about the T-Mobile deal, I thought perhaps some good will come of this should AT&T absorb some of what T-Mobile so highly rated when it comes to customer service.  After all, after the Pixar takeover by Disney, it was stipulated in the deal that Pixar executives would be able to have greater say within Disney.  That was what I had hoped would come of the deal between AT&T and T-Mobile.  After dealing with AT&T today, I am not so hopeful.  

No amount of positive influence from T-Mobile will ever change the chaos that is AT&T customer service.

Today, I called AT&T to get clarification on my iPad data plan.  After ten minutes of talking to different people and being put on hold, they told me that would not be able to resolve the issue until I call another part of AT&T on Monday.  

This is the fourth time in the last year that I have had to be pushed from one part of AT&T's chaotic wireless division to another.  As a matter of fact, I had prepared myself that the first call would not result in a successful resolution to my problem.  And I had allotted half an hour for this.  The last call I had with AT&T was in December and that had lasted nearly an hour.  

I don't know what why AT&T has suck a problem but I get the feeling that once they finish absorbing T-Mobile, it's T-Mobile's customer service that will gone rather than AT&T's own customer service apparatus.  

This issue alone has me considering going with Sprint or Verizon once my family contract ends in May.  Why stick around and be a part of a slow painful death?  So if I do decide to leave T-Mobile, which company should I go with?  Between Sprint and Verizon, which company has the better customer service?

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