Sunday, April 17, 2011

Deviation From Mobile: GOP Official With Tea Party Ties Sends Racist E-Mail About President Obama

An Orange County GOP official, with ties to the Tea Party, sent a racist e-mail about President Barack Obama, you know, the guy who was voted into the White House by a major of the American people and the Electoral College.

Here's the thing.  I'm all for sensible means to cut the federal budget deficit and limiting the power of the federal government in areas where it doesn't belong but the Tea Party has to stop being in denial about its role and the goals of some of its fringe supporters.  I know both of the political parties are composed of people with a vast majority of them being patriots, with a few exceptions that are bad apples.  However, don't you think the Tea Party seems to attract more than its share of them?  

I'm glad some on the GOP are taking this seriously and I hope the Tea Party does too.  If loosely connected groups that make up the Tea Party want mainstream American support, it needs to cleanse those who are simply there because of bigotry.  

While we're on this subject, the birthers with the far right support are trying to pass laws (Arizona became the first state to pass a birther law - still require the governor to sign it into law) requiring Presidential candidates prove that they are nature born citizens.  The timing of it, at the time when we have a President with a father who was not an American citizen, is what it is about.  It's about President Obama.  Oh, what has not gone unnoticed is that President Obama is black.

American politics has become too toxic and the respect for traditions and civility must make a comeback.  What we don't need is the Democrats and Republicans capitulating to special interests.  What we need is an efficient government and that's what the Tea Party should be advocating.  Bigotry and birther issues are just distractions.  

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