Friday, April 29, 2011

Endeavor Launch Delayed, Hope Those People Who Are There Will Still Get A Chance To Watch It Go Up On Sunday

The last shuttle mission of the Endeavor has been delayed due to technical faults in some equipment by NASA.  No launch attempt will be tried for another 48 hours.  I wonder what happens for all the folks who traveled all the way to Cape Canaveral, Florida to watch the final shuttle launch will do?

I've had the fortunate opportunity to watch a shuttle landing when I was younger when one landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California.  To this day, it was an awesome sight. 

I've watched a few launches of the shuttles on TV but I know it isn't like watching it live in person.  I just hope schedule and such doesn't prevent some folks there from missing it.  I was afraid of delays.  I suppose it's good that the initial launch attempt was today and the 48 hour delay means the next try would be on a Sunday. 

Still, all those folks will need to find new places to stay if should are going to try to wait it out.

So, what happened?  Apparently, the Endeavor needs three heaters on auxiliary power units to function.  Two of them failed but NASA requires redundancies in case the 3rd one also fail.  Without it, the power unit becomes useless. 

After the Endeavor goes off on its final mission, the Atlantis is slated for the last and final launch of the shuttle fleet.  After that NASA will retire them.  We currently have no viable manned launch vehicle to serve as a replacement. 

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