Monday, April 11, 2011

Facebook In China - Preview of Erosion of Privacy (and Rights?)

As you might know by now, Facebook is looking to get its start in China.  Both chronic violators of privacy and very good at monitoring its users/citizens, just how bad will this get?


Imagine if you're going somewhere in China.  Once you get there, you have to take our your phone or mobile device and check into Places or else you cannot enter.  Failure to do that puts you on a watch list of potential malcontents or, worse, labels you as a dissident.


Ridiculous?  Hardly. 


Facebook would love this because it's more information it can sell to advertisers and China maintains its tight grip over Western businesses.


Oh, and be surprised of Beijing also request information on users outside of China who happens to be friends with those in China.  Zucker-ass and companies will have no problem doing just that.

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