Friday, April 8, 2011

The Feeling Of "Something Better Around The Corner" Is More Prevalent With Android Than On Other Platforms

I like to say that I'm settled on the Optimus G2X but I cannot say with any great certainty.  When the G1 came out, who would know knew that a couple of years later, there would be dozens of Android handsets on the market and 8-10 high-end devices that I can easily be happy with.  And those are just the ones on the market.

Like the G2X for T-Mobile there are other ones that are coming in a few weeks.  Maybe In a Month or Two.  Optimus 3D.  Maybe even the HTC Pyramid.  I'm sure Droid 3 is also very enticing.  

You don't get this feeling on the other platforms.  The iPhone 4 is awesome but once it was out, you knew you're waiting at least a year before seeing another upgrade from Apple.  Pre is pretty much the same.  And RIM's Blackberries are...well...they're Blackberries until they migrate over to the new OS.

And WP7 is still trying to gain traction and it doesn't help that Microsoft is unable to issue an update to make it more competitive with Android and the other OS.  

So as I sat salivating about the G2X a cuple of days ago, then I learn that the Sasmung Galax S 2 might a better processor and possibly new screen.  Oh, and then there's the HTC Pyramid's higher resolution.  

Here's the thing. All these devices on the various platforms have their strengths and weaknesses.  But the bottom line is that we as mobile warriors are benefiting from a high competitive market.  But only on the Android can agonize over which models to pick from.

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