Saturday, April 16, 2011

Free WiFi At Dealership, Model For Other Businesses To Follow

I am at a local Lexus dealership, brought in my mom's vehicle for service. First, before I get into the mobile stuff, the service is excellent here. It's the Longo Lexus just east of Los Angeles and Pasadena. Second, great service might mean $$$. I haven't gotten the bill yet but I reckon I'll be eating poorly for the rest of 2011.

It's been years since I've been here. Like everyone else, I have heard dealer services are a premium above the local mom-and-pop so I judiciously avoided it. However, the car now has issues that cannot be resolved so I had no choice.

I'm now sitting at a small table, free pastries and cookies and all I can drink coffee, water, and soda. More than that, free WiFi! The last time I was here, probably about four years ago, I don't recall any free wireless Internet access. There were terminals for use at the time just as there are now. Still, I'm pleasantly surprised. I had made sure I charged up my iSpot to make sure I have enough wireless access for my iOS devices at least through noon.

Oh, and there are plugs here if I should ever have to come back here. Power is not going to be an issue. I'm sure the folks here will help me find plugs if I ask for it. That's how great the service here is.

But the reason I'm writing this post is I think the Longo Lexus setup here is a model I think other businesses can follow. Other dealerships, hospitals, hotels, or any place with a flow of clientele on a daily basis. I am not suggesting that businesses follow the more lavish setup here but the concept. For instance, the Longo Toyota just on the other side has nothing like this. Why not? I think it absolutely makes sense for them to have something like this here at Lexus.

Just a block north are the Hyundai and Nissan dealership. I dreaded going there. Vending machines were the best they offered.

At the very least, businesses should offer free WiFi access. It is 2011 now. It's absolutely critical that wireless Internet access be offered. I work near an office that offered financial services. The business has a stead flow of affluent clients that visit on a daily basis. Give them Internet access while they wait. Makes sense, doesn't it?

The food and drinks are nice but I would not say it is all that necessarily. When people stop by our offices, we offer drinks but I don't see that as absolutely a must.

The uniqueness of this Toyota/Lexus "campus" offers an opportunity that might not be available to everyone. There is a Starbucks here and other restaurants within walking distance. I heard there's Denny's on campus here.

For now, I suggest businesses start with free WiFi. The cost would be minimal but the gesture is going to be greatly appreciated.

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