Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Green Campaign From Green or Eco Bloggers Needed To Advance Issue To Mainstream Public

Perhaps a new campaign to inform the public about green tech and auto should be created.  Most people start thinking smaller and fuel efficient vehicles only after the prices at the pump rises.  And with the premium price approaching $4.50 a gal at the gas station, I'm not sure even that will get Americans to start to "think different" about their transportation needs.


The major problem I see is the price of the hybrids or EV.  However, I'm not talking about the premium over gas-only cars.  I am referring to the prices of green vehicles as being not relevant at all.  Sure, some folks get the Prius because of the savings as the pump on a weekly basis but I'm sure the major of hybrid owners know that it will take many years before the gas savings equal the premium paid for the EV or hybrids.


And while period of time it takes for the owners to get savings back shortens with higher gas prices, these owners are not overtly concern about that. 


For a lot of these owners, it is about being green and reducing their environmental impact and other climate concerns.  Perhaps, green tech and eco bloggers should consider that as the focus rather than mention anything about costs and savings.


If not us who?  In this politically charged environment in Washington, there really is no one else left.  The car makers?  While there are those who sell greener vehicles, their main interests lie in maximizing profit and optimize returns for shareholders. Anything else that relates to green effort, national security, or global warming is entirely coincidental at best.


And yes, those of us who advocate green efforts are not stressing national security enough.  Even the US military is making a green push to optimizing its fighting forces and rely less on traditional fuel sources for its tanks, ships, and planes.  Those are the things we need to be talking about. 


Forget what Germany, China, or Japan are doing.  It is time that we focus on what we can do here and now   

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