Saturday, April 2, 2011

WiFi in Hospitals

This is a subject that I'll have to look into but I wonder just how much of hospitals in the US utilizes WiFi in the waiting area and patient rooms.

I go to City of Hope from time to time to donate blood. And at times, I could have used some kind of Internet access with my free hand. I've got an iPod touch or G1 with me at all times.

They've got a guest account but it is difficult to gain access to. Good think I've got my iSpot.

I started thinking about this again because an uncle of mine is in the hospital and I am likely to say there overnight to keep him company. I've done this in the past for other relatives.

The first time was in the late 90s at the city of Hope. Definitely no wireless access. It was still a few years away from GRPS access on the Palm V with an external mobile modem.

I had to hijack the room's phone line to have dial-up access late at night when I was sure no one would call to see how my aunt was.

These days, things are much easier. I had an occasion a couple of years ago to stay overnight with another uncle. I had my G1 for mobile access and served as a tether for the MacBook.

I am sure hospitals have all their hands full with providing care for their patients but I think it's time to call it.

Wireless Internet access should be more ubiquitous now. It is important for both patients as well as caretakers. For patients who have longer term hospital stays, the Internet is often the only outlet to the world.

More people use the Internet, email, or text to stay in touch with each other.

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