Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chrome OS A Threat To Apple? Not Even Close

Chrome OS netbooks are coming from Google's usual partners, Samsung and Acer.  Lots of buzz about this.  $20 A month rental for school and $28 for businesses.  But why would you?  I think with Google, these products are perpetual betas and you run the risk of it not working out as planned more than most other products.

Do you seriously want to take the chance with your future with a browser-based netbook?  Your education?  Your business?  Take your pick.  so, no, I don't see Chrome OS as a threat to anything or anyone.  Not a threat to Apple.  Not even Microsoft.

Still, it's good to see Google put its hat into the PC market. The competition between Apple and Microsoft is fierce but, you have to admit, it's bland.  Google's taking computing into a different direction and that's gonna make Apple think differently.  

Not a threat but for Apple fans, Chrome OS can only mean great things coming out of Apple.

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