Sunday, May 1, 2011

FBI Agents In Cyber Security Have No Adequate Skills

One out of three FBI agents assigned to work on cyber intrusion or similar cases lack the necessary skils in networking and other counterintelligence for a list of variety of reasons.  

This conclusion was initiated by the Justice Department inspector general.  While there are courses offered by the FBI to help agents acquire the necessary skills, agents did not have the time to complete the training.

And just as disturbing is the information sharing that are restricted at times.  According to this audit, a NCIS investigator had requested information on a hacker but the FBI did not provide the information - excuse was need-to-know policies that was put into place.  However, the NCIS said the level of sharing depends on who at the FBI they make the request for information.

I don't know about you but I find this kind of thing very disturbing.  I guess I'll keep an eye out on this to see if things change.  It is still incredible to find such reports in the aftermath of 9/11.  Reports upon reports, hearings and hearings, and other investigations, and pissing contests still exist.

More at MSNBC.

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