In A Major Disaster, Maybe Two Wireless is Better Than One

I just completed a disaster preparedness class sponsored by the local fire department in my city. It was one created by FEMA to help citizens prepare for disasters and to be able to help assess situations. One of the things I came away with was how big of a role that mobile tech can play in all this.

In a situation of downed telephone lines, it might not be all that big of a deal for me since I hardly use my landline anymore. Most people don't. We rely mostly on wireless services.

What the instructors told us is that we texting might be a good way to get and receiving information since the bandwidth is less than if we were to try to make phone call.

I think that makes a lot of sense.

At the same time, I also think that having services from two different network providers might also be a good thing. If one tower happens to be down in an earthquake, the cell tower from another service might survive.

I've got WiMax from Clear with my iSpot. I've also got phone service via T-Mobile (for now). So for me, there is a bit of a redundancy should I need it.

Hopefully, things won't get so bad that both services stop working.

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