Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Should The Media Be Talking About the SEALs So Much?

If we know the identity of the shooter who put Osama Bin Laden's sorry ass out of his misery, I'll among the tens if not hundreds (even billions) of people who want to buy the guy a beer or two.  Reminds me of Jack Bauer.  My friends, who are 24 fans, and I actually joked that it was Jack who did it.

And jokes aside, should the media be talking about the SEALs and talk about where they're based and such?  Team Six.  They're my heroes but reporting where they are stationed and where they train, I just don't know.  Or how about a local report that says where they go eat?

I really appreciate what these guys did.  They're humble warriors.  The best of the best.  And they put themselves in danger time and time again.  I just hope the media is more careful about these reports. Just make sure they're not put into more danger than they put themselves into on our behalf.

Here's a most from WP that profiles what the kind of soldier who sent Osama to hell.  A nice article that doesn't reveal more about the SEALs than it has to.

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