Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sony Doesn't Have A Prayer To Be Android King

Sony was one of the best consumer brand in the world.  It still is up there but when you think PC, TV, or phones, you think Samsung.  And now, it looks like Sony wants to embrace Android in a bit way.  Maybe even be king.  No way.  Not gonna happen.

Right now, Samsung and HTC are top sellers of Android phones.  Sony really is no where near them.  Still, this post suggests that Sony is doubling the number of Android phones suggest that Sony will try to be near the top.  Here's the problem.

Sony was Apple before Apple was Apple.  Sony commanded a premium.  It was innovative.  It was efficient.  Nowadays, it's just one of the brands out there fighting for our hard earned money.  And there are plenty of other places we can go to buy what we want for the best value.

In the past, Sony commanded respect and, therefore, can price their goods at a premium.  Not so anymore.  It's a nice move to have a layer on Android for Playstation games but it's very gimmicky.  Other than that, Sony does not have anything that stands out from the crowd.

The only way Sony can return to the top and regain its former form is to truly innovate and not be a "me too" profile.  It should have been the one to have bought Palm and try to leverage Web OS with all its potentials.  It should be shedding businesses that are a drag on the company and focus on areas where it can work off of and innovate.

And it needs to listen to its customers.  Sony does not have a visionary within its ranks so it has no choice but to seek direction from the marketplace.  Sony is no longer a place where it can visualize where the market should be taken or innovate and design products that consumers don't know yet that they want.  

However, it doesn't have to be.  It just has to figure out a way to stand out.  Just as Motorola learned, with Droid, it's just one of the boys and it's why it is working on its own OS.  Even Samsung has its own mobile OS that its supporting.  Sony would be wise to follow a similar strategy.

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