Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today's Good And Bad Google Announcements

Here's a summary of what I think about Google's Android announcements  Short and sweet.

Google is doing a lot of things right in creating an ecosystem that can sustain the Android realm.  

  • Music locker, though without labels' blessings
  • Android OS will no longer have a forked roadmap but will come together much like Apple's iOS
  • Though Google claims Android to be "open", it's not.  That's good.  As a consumer, we want Google to take charge and buy devices that play by Google's rules.  It's the only way we know our Android devices will work properly.
  • Google TV getting apps.
  • New USB support for peripherals.  We can be looking at an Android console soon.
Here are a couple of things that Google did not do right by Android.

  • Nothing on the privacy front.  Seriously, all those viruses lurking around and privacy violations
  • Came up with an update scheme that doesn't work.  It's a smoke screen to make Android appear "open".  Announces two-year guarantee upgrade.  But subject to the device being upgradable.  
  • Android still not as easy to use as the iPhone. UI seems bland on the smartphone still.  
  • Nothing on fragmentation and this will turn off developers. Nor anything in piracy either.

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