Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Toys R Us Solar Installation to Provide 5MW of Power, Imagine if Larger Retailers Do The Same

A New JerseyToys R' Us store is going to get a 5MW solar installation  It's a fantastic first step.  Of course, the giraffe guys are not the first to be doing this.  Walmart, by my reckoning, did this with a few of their stores a while back.

Still, imagine if all the large retailers install solar panels on everyone of their roofs.  Let's assume that each will have a similar 5MW capacity.  

Between, Costco, Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Toys R Us, Whole Foods, Home Depot, and Target, they've got close to 10,000 locations.  That would mean more than 45 gigawatts of power generated from solar alone.

Not a big dent but it would be a nice re-jump-start and serve as a reminder just how much further we need to go for our power needs.  If all these guys get involved, it would do wonders for the economy of scale for solar industry.  Hey, I'm okay with wind turbines too.  Any renewable energy implementation that'll help us cut back on foreign petro needs works for me.

There is a lot of attention of late about the US military providing the drive for renewable energy innovation and eventually we as consumers will benefit from the first-moves made by the military.  But businesses in the US can do just as much if not more.

More at Tree Hugger.

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