Monday, June 13, 2011

3DS Just Hit One Million Units Sold - What Are the Prospects of Mario Going Android Like Sony?

The 3DS is full of potentials.  I've had it for more than a month now and I've come to one conclusion and it's one and the same I came to in deciding against getting a 3D TV at this time:  It's nice to have but for the most part, gimmicky.  Don't get me wrong, it's amazing what Nintendo is doing for 3D on mobile devices and gaming in general.  Certain just as much a tech pioneer today as they were back when the original Gameboy was sold eons ago.  

However, it took Nintendo 13 weeks to sell one million units (Engadget)  I would have expected two to three million by now.  I reckon that Apple's iPod touch and Android devices have a lot to do with it.  So could Nintendo look to Sony's Android move and make a similar one?  

With Wii U to work on, I doubt Nintendo has a lot of time and resources to be working on the next mobile gaming device  Anything new on the handheld gaming front will be 24 months away at the very least.  We're more likely to see a minor 3DS modification before we see an entirely new gaming system.  So time aside, Android offer the easiest route for Nintendo to go down if they want to offer a more multi-functional handheld that does more than just gaming.  

Should Nintendo go down this path, I hope that they don't lose the uniqueness that is Nintendo.  One way for Nintendo to adopt Android is to craft a skin much like HTC and Samsung has but with a distinctively Mario or Pokemon feel to things.  Thing if it as a real life working Pokedex.  Yeah, I think I just got your attention.  

Nintendo can continue to work independent of Google or anyone else while offering mobile functions that are missing or inadequate on the 3DS.  

Speculations aside, I think Nintendo has much to offer, whether they use Android as an OS or craft their own.  I just hope that they realize the gaming market has change and that more than gaming, people want their mobile devices to be social and capable of performing different functions well.  

So should Nintendo give Android a try or go with Mario OS?  

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