Monday, June 13, 2011

As Facebook Gets Set To Go Public, It Loses Six Million Users In US

Facebook seems to be the juggernaut that not even the mighty Google can topple. Try after try, the giant search eminent has yet to find an answer. But even as Facebook preps for its IPO, its growth has slowed and has even managed to lose six million valuable American users. Perhaps, Facebook's disregard for its user piracy and pursuit of advertising dollars could be it's undoing.

Facebook right now is its own worst enemy.

And yes, I know that it is still closing in on 700 million users but the US market is where it'll count. And this presents a great opportunity for others.

Others such as pre-startup like that is trying to set itself up as an alternative to Facebook that gives users much more control over their privacy.

And recent shenanigans like forcing users to opt-out of facial recognitions and changing privacy policies in the dead of nights are just going to further alienate users.

So potential investors beware. Facebook is more likely to self-destruct with Zuckerberg taking all your money and privacy and walk away laughing.

More at Inside Facebook.

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