Wednesday, June 15, 2011

EA To Open Retail Store - What They Should Do For Mobile

EA is looking to open its own retail store.  This is competition not just for Gamestop but what's is really to stop EA from selling hardware as well in the model of what Apple stores operates.  

So far, it is opening up one store at a Charlotte airport and more retail locations are coming.  If this is only about selling games, it would be a major fail.  There are plenty of outlets right now for people to go to, not to mention the plethora of online stores.

I would like to think that EA destinations will be like an Apple store but for gamers and mobile fans.  

In the past, I written about the possibility that Google or one of its Android partners will eventually open up stores to work just as much as a portal as it is a place to sell Android gears.  

So far, the one store at the Charlotte airport does not seem like it's going in the direction that I like to see them go  But perhaps with the leaked documents on Apple retail operations, maybe EA and others should examine them and give my idea a second though.

More at USA Today.

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