Facebook's Growth, One Way Or Another, Is Slowing And Could Shrink Due To Arrogance

Inside Facebook, a blog site dealing mostly with Facebook issues, reported over the weekend that Facebook lost 6 million users in the US and 7.5 million in North America alone.  Now, they've come out to dispute that.  

However, regardless of whether these numbers are  correct or not, one thing is clear.  Facebook is reaching a saturation point where growth will slow and eventually reach a point where its policies of alienating users will hit a point where they will quit en masse.

Furthermore, outside of Facebook's core social functions, very little else of its new features of properties have caught on.  

Despite Facebook's denial that it is losing US users, privacy boogyman and Facebook CEO Mark Z said Facebook is considering opening up members to children.  Yes, Facebook is looking to be a haven for abuse.  And if this desperate move doesn't say that its internal figures is showing problems for the social media giant, I dont' know what is.

Source:  Macworld.


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