Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Movie Clip: Vancouver Riots, Animated

A couple of things. My friends north of the US, please understand this. As someone who has lived through riots after each and every single time the Lakers has won the NBA Championship, I know what some unruly fans do.

They rioted. But that was only when the Lakers won. When the lackluster Lakers lost in the semi-conference finals to the Mavs a few weeks ago, we cried and cursed and promised to be better next year. But no riots.

See, no need to riot when you lose. You're not supposed to. So, when your Canucks lost, what was the riot for? If anyone had the rights to riot, it was the Boston Bruins fans.

Anyway, your naughtiness was capture in this animated recreation by the folks who brought us the Tiger Woods episode, cartoon-style. If that was your goal all along, you've succeeded. Well're now forever immortalized by the Taiwanese, right up there with Tiger Woods .

Have a great weekend.

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