Green: Solar Power to Drop to $1 Per Watt By Next Year

Earlier, I wrote an article about just what kind a moderate GOP president could mean for green policies.  However, I don't think I adequately articulated what a bang up job President Obama is doing.  I simply mean with GOP opposition, the national debt, and a worrisome economy, his hands could be tied.  Meanwhile, the government's support for green policies, guaranteed loans, and grants are helping move things forward.

An example of this is a report from ISH iSuppli that solar power will cost only $1 per watt by 2012 and by 2014, it'll be at $.79 cents per watt.  According to the iSuppli report, we can see installation costs at $2 per watt and this could spur a rapid demand for solar in the coming years.  

So yes, bright days for solar ahead.

Source:  iSuppli, Treehugger.


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