Tuesday, June 14, 2011

HTC Programmers Failed Where Fans/Hackers Succeed

HTC Desire will not be getting Android 2.3 or another else after because HTC has given up on it.  What's particularly upsetting is that many folks are still not even through with their contracts yet.  Lunacy right?


What's more crazy is that the open source community made of Android fans, in particular the programmers, are able to eek out Android versions time and time again after companies like HTC and Samsung, probably at the behest of carriers, failed to come through on their commitment to update their devices.


One factor in play is that they all want us to buy new handsets.  Theoretically, we are buying every two years because of the two-year contract that comes with every subsidized Android handset.  This is the same for iPhones and Blackberries. 


The second factor here is the insane skins that they levied on top of the native Android OS to suit their business needs.  A lot of us are just fine with running things on widgets but they seem to think that they can do better.  Sometimes they do, however, most of the time, they don't.  The case here with the Desire is memory issues.  I'm certain if they take out the Sense skin, all of that memory problem will go away.


I'm not a bit lawsuit person but I think this is a case for that a class-action suit is required.  If carriers and handset makers require us to sign up for two-year commitments, they should be required to update softwares and apps for the duration of that contact.  If they can't keep their words, well, we should be allowed to end the contract and move on.

This is not an Android thing.  This is an issue for all mobile warriors to be aware of and be concerned about, regardless of the phone you use or are a fan of.


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