iCloud To Change Mobile But Not For Those Who Have Had It Like Android

As an Apple fan and mobile warrior in general, I am glad Apple has invested so much to restart their cloud computing initiative after what they admitted public was the fiasco that was MobileMe. However, is iCloud a game changer?

First, let me say that I hope it works out the way Apple hopes. We need this. And while it looks like it's tied into iOS and OS X, there are webapps that anyone can take advantage off and it's free.

That means anyone else on other platforms with a modern mobile web browser should be able to use it.

Second, don't Android users with Google services already have this? After all, iCloud is what MobileMe is supposed to be to compete with Google Apps right?

iCloud will be a big big deal for iPhone and iPad users. No doubt. One component that I see that is missing from Google is a doc storage area that iCloud has and Windows Phone 7 users will get.

Maybe we'll see Google offer that soon.


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