Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mobile In Outdoor Public Events

Traditional mobile access is very much a daily affair that no one is surprised by any longer. iPhones and an assortment of Android devices (there was even a Pre that I saw) were everywhere at a Hawaiian fair today. But the only wifi access to be found was my iSpot acting as a private hotspot for our stand.

My friend, probably as a hobby or for fun set up a SPAM musubi stand that also sell Kona coffee that he roasted himself.

Traffic was excellent for the weekend and the SPAM business (I came out to help out) was phenomenal.

However, I can't help think this would be a excellent mobile business opportunity for the organizers as well as mobile carriers. As a matter of fact, where are the businesses that I sometimes see at these kind of fairs?

As far as business opportunities go, I think carriers should have mobile wifi trucks come and create an umbrella of wireless coverage that could encourage more to come out.

Mobile carriers could do it as a promotion and sign up users or they can charge a nominal fee to use the hotspots. Similarly, public event planners enter into a long term deal with exclusive carriers to provide mobile internet access.

It could be a potentially lucrative arrangement regardless of the deals.

It is all about foot traffic and free wifi is a huge draw that most businesses should take advantage of.

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