Monday, June 20, 2011

RIM Forcing Faulty Blackberries On Carriers And Users

I typically consider this rumor but given what’s going on with RIM lately, I thought I would bring this up. See, for the last couple of upgrade cycles, Blackberries have been given new features. And while that’s normal and welcoming, the return rates have been higher than normal.

Apparently, RIM has been putting a lot of pressures on carriers to release unfinished products and sell them through to end-users. Given the state of the Blackberry market and last week’s low than expected earnings and light forecast, I am not surprised.

In the past, Blackberry GOGO deals from Verizon have helped sustained growth but apparently with increased Android competition on VWZ and the addition of iPhone 4 this spring, even such deals have not helped RIM.

Source: BGR.

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