Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Starbucks Mobile Card Coming To Android In July - Feel Safe Using It?

On July 15th, Android users will join iPhone and Blackberry users in being able to pay for their drinks and purchases at Starbucks.  More than that, Starbucks locations inside some supermarkets.  I am especially happy about Pavilions since its one of the supermarkets where they offer some nice seatings for working and studying.

Since it's introduction, Starbucks has processed more than 3 million payments and I'm sure with Android in the mix, that will accelerate even more.  

Here's what is interesting.  There is no NFC involved at all.  In fact, Starbucks manager in charged of card payment doesn't think they should have to wait for the NFC market to mature.  And I totally agree.  After all, it works just fine as it is now.

One possible concern I have is security on Android.  With more reports of malware each week, I wonder just how safe our information will be should even just one malicious app sneaks into our Android phones.

source: Mashable.

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