Thursday, June 16, 2011

Twitter’s New Features – Where Are They?

Since Twitter got started and became popular, there really has not been a lot of changes or additions that gives new users reasons to be more engaged on it or something that the media has gotten so "wowed" that it brought in new users in drove.  There has not been a novel use of Twitter I've heard about in a lot time. 


Should Twitter start to offer more services that allow users to connect more to followers and people they follow? 


Recently, we find out that Twitter will beginning to offer a photo service.  Rather than call that a new feature, I term it "a necessary encroachment" into already established services.  And being added to iOS 5 is a boom for the microblog, it isn't the same as innovation by any stretch of the imagination. 


I think in the next year or so, it could be critical for Twitter to out new features that will allow seasoned users like myself to continue to tweet and tweet more often.

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