Wednesday, July 27, 2011

California Is Facing A Glut of Renewable Power Projects? That's A Good Thing, Right?

California has a goal of eventually getting 33% of our power needs from renewable sources by 2020.  While I am unable to find out just where we are at right now, I do know that we are facing a total of 71 GW renewable power that have applied to help California achieve this goal.

The 71 GW of power is more than enough to supply all of our power needs in the state.  So I ask this?  Why not go for it?

I think this is a project that Californians can get behind.  Imagine just what this will do to state's economy.  Imagine the status that California will become.  The symbol of green power that the Golden State will represent for the rest of the world to follow.

Can you believe this?  More power than we need.  Talk about the kind of national security we can provide.

Source:  CleanTechnica.

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