Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Future Google+ Services and Apps Should Include Deep Integration With Other Social Networks

Google+ is doing very well given the dominance displayed by Facebook and Twitter.  The initial 10 million users that Google reported could have been much higher had there not been a limitation to the invitations.  

Having said that, I think there is another step that Google should take to make Plus even more popular:  add the ability to integrate other social media like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and the dozen or so others out there.  Furthermore, I would go as far as to integrate services that are popular in other countries like Plurk and Weibo in China.

It would allow Google be at the center of all that is social and mobile.  Obviously, safe guards would need to be put into place to prevent Google from abuse. 

And if this was to happen, I reckon other social networks could do the same thing as what I am suggest Google do here.  And that's the great thing.  It becomes an equalizer  and levels the playing field to some extent.  This would for some to differentiate their roles as these social conduits that will force them to make choices.

Do they want to make more money selling user information like Facebook or someone, possibly Google (or even Apple) that take privacy a bit more seriously?  Another issue could be just how much integration they want with other parts of their services.  Keep it simple or try to make the users use their other services?  Will services be opt-in or opt-out?

And Innovation in the social realm should continue to drive these companies as they compete for users and their eyeballs.  

Can this happen?  I think so.  Google has indicated they are willing to integrate other services into Google+.  And given the Spartan feel to Plus at the moment, I expect Google to be readying apps and services within Plus that will do just what I'm talking here.  

It'll be interesting to see its competitors, not just Facebook but also those in the mobile market like Apple and Microsoft, respond.

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