Friday, July 29, 2011

Green: Quake/Tsunami Ravaged Japan Able To Conserve More Power; Could We Do the Same Here?

The US already use more power than any other country in the world.  And modern nation to modern nation, we Americans consume twice the amount of power than our Japanese counterparts.  And due to the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which was damaged by the March earthquake and resulting tsunami, has been unable to produce electricity, the people of Japan has been asked to conserve power during critical hot and humid summer months.

My question is can we American do the same here when, not if, asked?  Now about your country where you're reading this post here?  

Well, on behalf of all Americans, I'll answer this question.  And the answer is "you betcha!"  Outside of Washington, Americans are generally mellow, common sense folks (just don't piss us off) and willing to do what we can to help the community at large.  

Then comes my second question.  Why wait until a disaster to happen before we put ourselves on additional power and resource diets?

So far in Japan, the cutback has meet rationing targets and even exceeded.  The New York Times post I've read is one I recommend to all concerned about global warming, dwindling natural resources, or just want to do right for the environment.  

The public campaigns launched in Japan is one that instilled pride and a great sense of community. 

Having said that, we Americans can do this but just look at Washington today.  Right now with the debt ceiling fight.  I doubt there is anyone in his or her right mind who would think that a comprehensive conservation policy be instituted even if it that by cutting use of petro by a few million barrels as a starting point, it means less money going overseas, stronger economy, and the foundation for a more secured nation.

There is still a way to get done what the Japanese government is working with its people to do.  The states and local governments are not as polarized politically as the dysfunctional national government.  We Americans are willing and ready.

Note:  Noticed I mentioned nothing about global warming, climate change, or polar bears.

Another note:  It would help if we can bring smart grids and meters sooner rather than later.


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