Monday, July 18, 2011

Green: Russian Drought and Pakistani Flood in Summer of 2010 Linked

An interesting post from Arstechnica that shed light on what happened during last summer's drought that caused massive loss of lives and crops and wild fire and flooding in Pakistan.  

It was a combination of a high pressure that decided to park itself over Russia while a combination of hotter Indian subcontinent, La Nina, and low pressure that gave Pakistan more than than it could handle.

Great, so why are you tell me all this, you asked.  Well, even if you're a global warming denier, please hear me out.  You're welcome to read my other mobile, science, or political posts but I really do suggest that you, we, all of us keep an open mind about stuff like this.  Extreme weathers such as the hot weather we're going through much of the US are becoming a norm.  

You've got flooding and drought happening in different parts of China at the same time.  Africa is once again going through extreme drought.  Something's up.  

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