Monday, July 18, 2011

Green: Typhoon Ma-on Could Mean Trouble For Japan's Tsunami Damaged Nuclear Plant

It seems like a distant memory in today's fast moving digital world of tweet and Facebook updates and smartphone notifications but it was just March 11th when a massive earthquake devastated a part of northern Japan, creating a tsunami that damaged the Fukushima nuclear reactors that resulted in a devastating Chernobyl like meltdown.

Now, Japan has to contend with a typhoon headed in that general direction.  It's something we need to watch carefully.  A powerful force of nature like a hurricane or typhoon is nothing to scoff at even for something like a nuclear power plant.  We all thought that it could have withstood a tsunami.  

Ma-on, named of the typhoon, will make landfall on Tuesday local time and is rated to be pretty strong.  

Source: CNN.

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