Monday, July 25, 2011

Honeycomb 3.2 Supports 7" Tablets: Best To Wait for Ice Cream

Earlier, I wrote about my interests in using an 7" tablet, whether it's Android or not, I don't' care as long as it is good enough to get me away from the iPad.  My needs are simple.  I want to be able to blog, surf the Web, e-mail, and socialize with my friends on Google Plus.

It appears that wish is closer to happening than I expect.  Ice Cream, with folds Honeycomb and the smartphone version back into one unifying OS.  Now, according to GottaBeMobile, HC 3.2 supports 7" displays but I think with Ice Cream only a bit more waiting required, I think it would be prudent for anyone, myself included, to wait until Android 4.  After all, given the poor track records of device makers not upgrading the OS, it would be better for us to future proof our devices.

In the same post, it has IdeaPad that could potentially run HC 3.2.  But then again, Lenovo is a good laptop company and I am unfamiliar with their track records for making tablets.

But I hope you don't think me as trying to move the goal post on this one.  I do want similar battery life to that of the iPad and the Xoom.  Like the GOP who will no compromise on the taxes issue with President Obama, I'm a bit of a hardliner when it comes to the battery life.  So when the time comes, I better be impressed.  

It's my hope that with about half a year since the Honeycomb was introduced along with Xoom, we will see a major changes for power managements and Google has made it easier for companies to improve and optimize the battery life on their tablets. Honestly, there really should be no reason the iPad can continue to trounce the rest of the market.

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