Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life In The Universe - Debate Goes On Whether We Are Alone Or Not

A new paper suggests that life in the universe is pretty rare and that because of how rapid intelligent evolved in Earth, we assume the truth is likely universal.  Essentially, the paper suggest the improbability that there could be advanced alien civilizations that as some of the original SETI team believe there to be.

And if this paper is to be believed, we are not going to have our first contact within the next two decades.

So, which is it?  Personally, I'm with Fox Mulder.  I want to believe.  But not until I see aliens standing in front of me with my own pair of eyes.

The authors, David Speigel of Princeton and Edwin Turner of University of Tokyo also suggests that if life does independently evolve anywhere else within our solar system, say, Mars, then it could increase the likelihood that the universe is filled with life.

So, what is the basis for this study?  It is based on the Drake equation that provided an estimation of how many alien civilizations exist in the Milky Way alone.  By changing one of the factor and replaced it with a question mark, they essential said they've invalidated the suggestion that there is life out there.

I think this paper should be filled with a lot of question marks.  Everything is based on theories when it comes to SETI.  We could be hearing from ET tomorrow (maybe we already have but the government has supressed it or that we are not quite technologically advanced enough to recognize it) or never.

Source:  Life Science

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